The Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart is a religious congregation of Catholic women providing religious education, pastoral care, spiritual direction, and social services in the United States, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. We are missionaries; we go where God calls us.

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  1. Marylin McCafferty says:

    Thank you! At age 73 I was helping during a summer camp in my parish in Los Angeles and I taught the children a song I learned while helping my Mom with her summer school class at Holy Cross Cathedral in Boston during the ’50’s. I believe it was Sister Eucharista who taught us all the “Ten Commandments” song which I, to this day, absolutely love! The children picked it up immediately and other catechists asked for the music… great… it’s in my head! Is there any remote chance that the music might be recorded? I would dearly love to be able to share it!
    Joyfully in Jesus,
    Marylin (King) McCafferty

  2. Marylin McCafferty says:

    Thank you, I am teaching and even taught the Ten Commandments song to the summer campers and their counselors. That was fun. I’d very much like to have a CD if that was possible!

  3. Karen Ostrowski says:

    Hi. I met Sister K (Lehner) at mass today at Conneaut Lake. She was wonderful and really touched my heart as I listened to what she had to say to all of us about the Mission Helpers. She spoke about service work and helping others because we are all connected and one. She spoke of things that are at the core of my faith.

    Several hours later as I walked from the place I was staying towards town, I had an amazing God experience. I wanted to share this with Sister K, but I don’t have her email. If you can pass this on to her, I would love for her to hear this story. I posted it on Facebook after I returned home. Please feel free to give her my email. Thanks.

    Ok – great story. Worth the time to read it. It is true and it happened to me this morning. It will touch your heart.

    Up at Conneaut Lake. Mary Grace and I were walking to the coffee shop for breakfast. So this pickup truck stops and needed directions to a church. The truck is being driven by a man who was worn, troubled, and a Vietnam Vet. We were talking while Mary was looking for directions. I revealed that I am a Marine. The man, named Doc from Somerset, was an Army Sgt Maj in Special Ops. When he heard that I was a Marine, he started to cry. I went to the drivers side and gave him a hug. We talked for about 15 min. We talked about his dog that was in Nam with him; and he described how his dog was tortured and sliced open when he was captured. He told the dog not to cry and show weakness to the enemy. He cried as he showed me the picture of his dog. He kept talking about how screwed up he was and that he and I can understand how they tell us what to do and we just do it because it is our jobs. He talked about the names he was called and how he was spit on. We talked and talked and I listened to him and hugged him. He also talked about his faith. Then I heard this voice inside of me telling me to give him my cross. Inside I was arguing that this cross was blessed in a sacred place in New Mexico called Chimayo, and that it was mine and I didn’t want to give it up. Finally I took off the cross and gave it to him. I told him it was special from New Mexico. He asked where and I told him Chimayo. He actually knew the place. He was half native. So we talked about my connection to Native culture. We finished the conversation with a hug. He said we made his day better, and how much better he felt. Then we said goodbye. So he thought he was lost, but he was actually led to us, and we were walking at the perfect time to meet him. Don’t believe in God moments? Don’t believe in the power of Spirit? Well, look
    around. These God moments are happening every day. All you have to do is open your eyes, be mindful, and live kindness. I guarantee that you too will see Spirit/God in places that will knock your socks off, and you will also receive so much more than you could ever give. Happy adventuring everyone. Life is beautiful.

  4. Mary Cunningham Faw says:

    Hi Sister Loretta Cornell,
    While browsing Facebook this morning, there was a post about your best friend in middle school and your name immediately was in my thoughts. Please get in touch, God is been looking out for me a little stronger in the past 5 years or so, and He is leading me back to you. Love, Mary Cunningham Faw

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