Litany of the Love of Christ

 sunrise easter

In our loneliness, the love of Christ embraces us

In our desire for love, the love of Christ overwhelms us

In our brokenness, the love of Christ heals us

In our emptiness, the love of Christ fills us


 In our longing for community, the love of Christ gathers us

In our hesitation to reach out, the love of Christ missions us

In our need to minister, the love of Christ provokes us

In our desire to serve, the love of Christ compels us


 In our witness to the Gospel, the love of Christ speaks to us

In our enthusiasm for the mission, the love of Christ impels us

 –Tim Brown, SJ

Happy Easter!
He is Risen!
On behalf of the Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart,

Sr. Loretta Cornell, MHSH

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1 Response to Litany of the Love of Christ

  1. ermadurk says:

    A Happy Easter season to you, Sr. Loretto, and to the Mission Helper Community, always. Erma

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