“Be watchful!” “Be Alert!” “Watch!”

A Reflection for the First Sunday in Advent, by Sister Natalie Deluca, MHSH

advent wreath one candleIt is a trinity of calls!  Advent beckons us to prepare for the celebration of Christ’s
historic birth, an event that changes our reality, an event that entered history thousands of years ago.  Advent also stirs the depths of our awareness to encounter Christ in the ordinary.  Thirdly, the Word of God, the Son of God, Jesus Christ reminds us that someday he will come to each of us personally.  “We know not the day or the hour.”

How shall we wait?  With care, awareness, attention!  We prepare, wisely taking to
heart the wisdom of St. Therese of Lisieux, “to do little things with love.”  Advent is
meant to shake us into this deep awareness of Christ’s presence in each person.  Christ
comes unannounced in those we live with, work with, disagree with.  He comes in those
we trust and those we have trouble believing.  He comes in those we greatly love and in
those who may be labeled insignificant.

When Christmas morning 2014 dawns, will our Advent preparations lead us to celebrate
the Christ of our world, our cosmos, our hearts?  Will we recognize his image in the
stranger and the unfamiliar?

What in particular do you hope to achieve this Advent 2014?

We wait.  Waiting is not easy.  But we wait with hope, with kindness, with love.  Advent
2014 will never come again.   “Be watchful!”  “Be Alert!”  “Watch!”

Come, Lord Jesus.


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3 Responses to “Be watchful!” “Be Alert!” “Watch!”

  1. sisterdonna says:

    Nice, concise, helpful. Thanks Natalie

  2. Dolores Chepiga SSJ says:

    Very profound. Thank you, Natalie. I copied what you wrote to use for my reflection. God bless! Dolores SSJ

  3. Sr. Angela Ann says:

    “To do little things with love”! It is all so ‘simple’ isn’t it? May we all live more simply as we prepare for Christmas!

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