Finding an Oasis in the Age of Instant Technology

A Reflection by Sister Agnesine Seluzicki, MHSH

Recently, I read my nephew’s blog entry, which he posted while on a plane trip back to his home in Portland, Oregon, after attending the celebration of his father’s 95th birthday and, coincidentally, his sister’s 60th birthday.  He was reflecting on the Sunday dinners of his childhood days.

These dinners brought families together, providing gastronomic treasures that went far beyond the moment of their enjoyment.   These moments have evolved into a kaleidoscope of relationships that transcend time and space.

As my heart basked in the warmth of this telling, I asked myself, when was the last time that I dropped all my important “have to” activities to join family and friends just to be?  Has the clutter of my absorption in the latest smart phone or iPad created a numbing wall that has desensitized me to that core of warmth that comes with sharing the simple joys.

quitet time 1And, with that came a further query: Have I allowed these “have to’s” to impede the possibility of a birthing of the meaning and source of these true joys in those whom I touch?

With these emerging thoughts has come the realization that what seems most to be needed in today’s high-powered technological age, is to find ways of creating oases times in our lives where our perceived “must have” gadgets can be relegated to some restricted zones for a period of time within the day so that one can open oneself to hear the voice of God.

This centering of oneself, for even a short period each day, can become a graced and transforming moment in our lives.  God’s love and joy have a way of touching others through us, so ours becomes a privilege of being instruments of God’s peace, kindness and joy to those around us.

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