Come to the Party

A Reflection by Sister M. Martha Pavelsky, MHSH

Back in the era of posters and banners (remember?), one that appealed to me was, “Hold what you love loosely, like water in the hand.”  Most of us do tend to hold on pretty tightly—even though we know how counterproductive that can be.

But life gives us many chances to relearn our lesson, and I’ve had a full share.  An especially difficult such opportunity arose when my father dropped dead, gone in an hour with a massive heart attack.  At the calling hours, men who were his coworkers at Kodak came to pay their respects, some in tears.  They talked and talked about what a nut he was (he was!), how much fun they had working together, what a good man he had been.

Now, as I read the wedding banquet story (Mt. 22:1-14) about God’s invitation for all to come and partake, I puzzle again over the people who “just can’t make it”—way too busy to party with God…Really?  You must be kidding!

PartyYou can do it incrementally:  sneak in just a moment here and there; let a family member or co-worker know that you enjoy something about him or her—humor, positive attitude, thoughtfulness.  Tell a stranger you admire her dress.

Start the party, even if the fullness of it in heaven seems a long way off.  It may not be so far away—as my dad’s death at 62 reminded us.  Heaven is very close:  the catechism addresses God as “most high and most near.”

Have a chat (we call it praying) with someone who has crossed over; let them know what you cherish about them.  For just a few seconds, set aside your busy-ness, and relish being rich in heroes.  Start the party!

For Reflection:

If you can’t find the time to party with God, maybe there is something wrong with your priorities.

Is there anyone who has brightened your day today?  Did you tell them?

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