Come, Holy Spirit – A Reflection on Pentecost

By Sister Joanne Frey, MHSH

As I journey on the road of my heart, I am looking ever more carefully for signs of the activity of the Spirit in my every day.  I find the Spirit so aware of my search that I had only to choose what to share here.

The Spirit led me to Mary’s search for understanding about how she could possibly fulfill what the Angel Gabriel said to her.  I was struck with Gabriel’s promise, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the most high will overshadow you.”


The image of the Spirit overshadowing Mary and accomplishing such wonders gave me a new power.  I knew the Spirit would be present when I had questions about how, when, where, why.  His spirit would not fail to overshadow me.  What I need is to believe in his presence, his love, his power, his shadow to enfold me.

Now it is the apostles who ask the question of the risen Lord.  Their question is when.  When will you restore the kingdom to Israel?  His answer is a promise:  “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you will be my witnesses to the ends of the earth.”

The apostles, the women and Mary, the mother of Jesus, pray and wait.  The promise has been made.  The power of the Spirit will overshadow the place where they gather.

The time for Pentecost was fulfilled, “…from the sky a strong driving wind…tongues of fire rested on each of them…and they were filled with the Holy Spirit…”

dove-holy-spriitCan I live in the faith that assures us that the Spirit will overshadow us…will abide in us…will surround us with peace…will guide us through the dark places…will fill the empty cavities in our hearts where losses have torn us almost apart…will provide wisdom to choose the heart’s truth before all else?

Alleluia, rejoice, the Holy Spirit overshadows us!

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2 Responses to Come, Holy Spirit – A Reflection on Pentecost

  1. Sr. Donna says:

    Beautiful and simple! Thank you

  2. Dolores SSJ says:

    Joanne, as usual, your words – especially your reflection questions – lead us deep within our being and touch my spirit. Thank you. Dolores SSJ.

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