Winter Sabbath

A Reflection by Sister Dianne Livingstone, MHSH

“The Kings” have come and gone; the trees are down; the decorations are carefully stored for next year.  Now What?

What do we do with the “let-down” from the busiest season of the year?  The following is  taken from the book, Midwives of an Unnamed Future, by Mary Ruth Broz, RSM, and Barbara Flynn:

winter scene 5_winter-solstice-sunriseAs Fall moves into Winter, Mother Earth seems to know it is time to let the land lay fallow and go inside for a while.  One week moves into another and the wisdom of the ages calls us to pause.

A Jewish woman prays over the Sabbath candles as she lights them.  A Muslim chants a call to Friday prayer from the rooftop.  A Christian sets out for worship early on a Sunday Morning.  Together they remind us that there is a time to produce and a time to refrain from producing.

Every woman, in her own way, seems to know that life itself is holy, that there are ancient rhythms of being and doing, resting and working, busyness and stillness, that need to be honored.  There is wisdom for us that has been buried in the earth and embedded in our religious traditions for centuries.  Winter is a time for us to let that wisdom sit with us for a few months.

winter scene 2_SolsticeIf we are at all serious about cultivating a spirituality of our own, most of us know we need to get better at taking time, making time, finding ways to treasure the time we have.  Yet being overworked, keeping things on schedule, living by our calendars, are the perennial challenges that follow us through most of our adult years.

What are the lessons Winter wants to teach you at this point in your life?

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2 Responses to Winter Sabbath

  1. Sr. Donna says:

    What a rich, contemplative way to be in winter. We may be quieting down, but God is at work in this. Thank you

  2. Dolores SSJ says:

    Good reflection to make…and magnificent nature pictures! Thanks, Dianne. Dolores SSJ

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