As a New Year Begins…

eastern point sunrise

…Consider the following verses by Howard W. Hunter:

This year—

Mend a quarrel.  Seek out a forgotten friend.
Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust.
Write a love letter.  Share some treasure.
Give a soft answer.  Encourage youth.
Manifest your loyalty in word and deed.
Keep a promise. Find the time.
Forego a grudge. Forgive an enemy.
Understand.  Flout envy.
Examine your demands on others.
Think first of someone else.
Be kind.  Be gentle.
Laugh a little.  Laugh a little more.
Deserve confidence.
Take up arms against malice.
Decry complacency. Express your gratitude.
Say a prayer.  Welcome a stranger.
Gladden the heart of a child.
Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of earth.
Speak your love.  Speak it again.
Speak it still once again.

As 2013 begins, the Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart pray for God’s continuing blessings on you and those you hold most dear. 

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1 Response to As a New Year Begins…

  1. Dolores SSJ says:

    Thank you for the recipe for happiness! Dolores SSJ

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