Come Follow Me—Answering the Repeated Invitation

By Sister Joanne Frey, MHSH

If it seemed to us that Peter and the other future apostles answered quite spontaneously Jesus’ call to follow him, or that surely they did it without questioning or reflection, John tell us in Chapter 6 of his Gospel they were given a second call and this time they did question.

Jesus asked, “Do you also want to leave?”  This question was posed after Jesus had promised his followers his flesh to eat and his blood to drink.  And indeed the offer was too much for a number of his followers and they immediately separated themselves from Jesus.  But Peter stood his ground even if he did express it with a question, “Lord to whom shall we go…we have come to believe that you are…”

Is this a living message?  Are we the receivers of second or third or numerous calls?  Life does not stand still.  It marches on relentlessly with the old dying and the new emerging.  Does the evolving of the new cosmos not give us a challenge to answer a new call to follow the cosmic Christ, to acknowledge the God who lives most intimately with and within each of us?  Were we not told “…before you were in the womb I knew you…”

Are we being called to enter more deeply into the mystery of life?  Is this where our union with the cosmic Christ is calling us?  Are we being called to co-create with God the eternal now in which we live? Is this the way the kingdom of God is to come?  Is it through our goodness, our patience, our tolerance, our recognition that we are in fact one with God in all he does with, through and in us?

Paula D’Arcy writes,

“If our eyes could only see
It is all the face of God.
It was not only the apostles who walked, ate and drank with him.
Nothing is separate from the divine,
nothing incidental.
In thunderstorms, in our ordinary bowls of stew,
in calloused hands that provide
shelter and solace,
in all that is, one Spirit moves
And if we could see, we would be overtaken by awe and changed.”
(From Daybreaks)

For Reflection

As one call after another disturbs the stillness of my life’s journey, God’s promise “In you I live and move and have my very being…” (Acts 17:28) takes on deeper meaning.  And Paul’s words “I live now not I but Christ lives in me” (Gal.2: 19-20) urge me to ask, “Can those words become mine?”

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One Response to Come Follow Me—Answering the Repeated Invitation

  1. Dolores SSJ says:

    Very deep and beautiful, Joanne. Thanks for sharing. Dolores SSJ

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