Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart—A Community Without Walls

By The Mission Helpers Central Leadership Team

As many of our friends and supporters in the Baltimore area have read in the local newspapers, the Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart have decided to sell the Mission Helper Center in Towson, Maryland, just north of Baltimore.

The decision was made, very reluctantly, after months of prayer, discernment, a comprehensive review of our financial situation, both current and projected, and consultation with financial professionals and the National Religious Retirement Organization.

As we explored the options available to us, the mission and the care of our elderly and infirm Sisters were our paramount concerns and animated all discussion and decisions.  In the end, it was clear that the Sisters and the mission could best be served by selling the property.

Yes, it will be sad to leave our long-time home—we have been at this location since 1922 and in this building for the last 23 years.  But, we have always been a “Community Without Walls.”  We are missionaries; we go where God calls us to be.  We have never been about buildings or institutions.  Our “brick and mortar” expenditures have always been limited to a place where the Sisters could gather, pray and live when they were not on missions in locations other than the Baltimore area.

Good Stewards of Limited Resources

Historically, women’s religious communities have re-imagined themselves as they responded to the changing needs of those they serve.  And, once again, the Mission Helpers have responded to this historical moment and have made a necessary, if painful, decision that is the fiscally responsible path to take.

The Mission Helpers have always been good stewards of the financial support that we receive.  And, because our numbers are smaller than in the past, today our needs can best be met in a smaller location in a facility requiring less maintenance and upkeep.  This will enable us to focus our resources on our Sisters and our missions.

With this decision, we reaffirm our ministry with those in temporal and spiritual need, with asylees, immigrants and undocumented persons, with abused women and men, victims of natural disasters, those facing terminal illness and those in search of spirituality and connectedness with God and community.

We are looking to the future with a rich heritage dating back 122 years to our founding on Biddle Street in Baltimore.  We continue the work of those early Sisters as we work for a holier and more just society in dioceses throughout the United States and in Latin America, South America, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

We are still the Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart, we’ll just have a new address.


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One Response to Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart—A Community Without Walls

  1. Dolores Chepiga SSJ says:

    What sad news…and what a difficult decision for you to make, dear Sisters! Your Center has such a warm spirit, but as you plan a new home I know you will bring that warm hospitality with you. I am so grateful for the three years I lived there among you. God bless! Dolores SSJ

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