“Love is the language…”

This is the second reflection of Sister Natalie DeLuca, MHSH, on her pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Everywhere we went in the Holy Land, groups of people greeted us with smiles.  The pilgrims were from the far corners of the globe, from lands oceans away.  They greeted us with, “God bless you!”

We encountered people from Africa, India, Poland, and Canada as well as others from the United States.  These diverse throngs of people left me with an expansive realization of the total embrace of all cultures of the Mystical Body.

At one Mass, Fr. Mark Wajda, from Annunciation Parish in Altamonte Springs, Florida, was the main celebrant, and concelebrating with him were six priests from various regions of the world.  It was the universal Church giving praise and glory.  In some of the churches and chapels we visited, groups would break into song in their native tongue.  And, although we did not understand the words, our hearts swelled at the sound of reverence and musical prayer, and we remembered the words of Pope John XXIII, “Love is the language all people understand.”

Reflect on the concept of the Universal Church—the vastness and the multitude of cultures and peoples that constitute the Universal Church.

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One Response to “Love is the language…”

  1. Dolores SSJ says:

    Natalie, what a great experience of the Body of Christ that you had…thanks for expressing the experience so well! God bless! Dolores SSJ

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