A Christmas Blessing

From Sister Mariel Rafferty, MHSH

In the gentleness of the stable scene, may God grant you quietness of heart.

In the song of the angels, may God grant you peace.

In the star over Bethlehem, may God kindle the fire of hope within you.

In the shepherds in the fields, may God grant you simplicity of spirit.

In the donkey who bore Mary, may God grant you care for all creation.

In Joseph, so steadfast, may God grant you spiritual strength and energy.

In Mary, young mother, may God grant you a prayerful heart.

And in Jesus, the infant, may God’s enduring love fill your being on Christmas…

…and throughout the New Year!

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4 Responses to A Christmas Blessing

  1. Dolly says:


    Beautiful reflection, words and picture

  2. Evelyn Le Chapois says:

    Beautiful prayer…thanks a lot.

  3. Ron Rafferty says:

    Very inspiring! I could read it over and over again.


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